Sim Close Air SupportISR and JCAS Training Systems

  • Hyper realistic communications and technology packages that replicate Overseas Contingency Operations.
  • Realistic simulations of all fixed-wing and rotary-wing fires assets, ISR platforms, and indirect fire such as artillery and naval gunfire.
  • Routinely support General Purpose Forces as well as National and Theatre Special Operations Forces.
  • High-definition EO/IR full motion video downlink with telemetric data. Laser spot tracking capability to support the full spectrum of simulated weapons delivery.
  • Close Air Support syllabus lectures, mission planning support, exercise debriefs, Fire Support Officer and Battle Staff training.
  • Experienced JTACs and FAC(A)s. Graduates TACP of Navy Fighter Weapons School with theater experience.

IMG_0383_1Emerging Technologies Support

  • Serving both government and commercial clients.
  • Aircraft equipped with multiple external hard points, power sources, and broad spectrum of RF antennas.
  • Capability for roll on/off experiments, rack mounting, or rapid prototype fabrication and integration.
  • Proven history of technology development and integration including active and passive sensors, voice and data communications, and stores airworthiness.
  • Support for Technology Demonstrations, Proof of Concept, Exercises with cost-conscious aviation services.
  • Flexible and responsive engineering and technical fabrication.

plane-1Consulting Services

  • Aviation Best Practices
  • Instructional Courseware development and execution
  • Doctrinal Development